How to know the number of FTF you have made ?
It is generally a tough nut to crack for most of the geocachers. The FTF race is generally a special instant where you can meet other geocachers, with adrenalin, a kind of game inside the game. You can be a geofinder or a geohider, here is the tool you need to manage your FTF and those done on your geocaches !


One more optimization - Encore une optimisation
I juste have updated Geocache Companion to optimize some actions.
Enjoy !

Je viens tout juste de mettre à jour Geocache Companion pour optimiser certaines actions.
Bonne continuation !
New hardware configuration - Nouvelle configuration machine
To improve the performances of Geocache Companion, I just have upgraded the hosting subscription to a faster machine.
I hope we will see the benefits.

Afin d'améliorer les performances de Geocache Companion, je viens d'augmenter la souscription de l'hébergement sur une machine plus rapide.
J'espère que nous pourrons apprécier les bénéfices.
Update 3.0.1009 Mise à jour
Update 3.0.1009 which contains:
- It is now possible to declare a FTF and a FTR for the same log (no need to create a specific write note log if you did the FTF).
- Your counter on the top is now instantaneously updated when you add an FTF.
- Improvement of the mobile interface.

Mise à jour 3.0.1009 qui contient :
- Il est maintenant possible de définir un FTF et un FTR sur le même log (plus besoin de créer une write note spécifique si vous avez fait le FTF).
- Votre compteur en haut de la page est mise à jour instantanément lorsque vous ajoutez un FTF.
- Amélioration de l'interface pour mobile.
French version / Version française
Hi Geocache companions !
I am currently working on a French version of this new site.
I will let you know as soon it is available.
Thank you for your understanding.

Bonjour Geocache Companions !
Je travaille actuellement sur une version française de ce nouveau site.
Je vous tiendrai au courant dès que c'est dispo.
Merci pour votre compréhension.
402 registered users.
189300 FTFs.
65294 STFs.
426 FTRs.

Top 5

1 abachus 5020 FTF 718 STF 0 FTR
2 vilcanota 4109 FTF 118 STF 4 FTR
3 Brimbaloup_88 3724 FTF 634 STF 1 FTR
4 matteoanne 3438 FTF 404 STF 0 FTR
5 ferrojojo 2812 FTF 360 STF 0 FTR

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What are the FTF, STF and FTR ?

FTF means First To Find
You make a FTF when you are the first to find a new cache that have just been placed. Sometimes, the geocache hider put some specific gifts for the one that will be the first to find his cache.
You have been the first to find one ?! You can be proud !
Go to and log your visit like usually. You can choose a specific 'tag' to add in your description to easily recognize that you were the first to find it. For example !!FTF!!
Then, go to and click on 'GeoFinder'. If you have entered the chosen tag in your Geocache Companion preferences, the application will automatically see your tag in your geocaching log description and add one FTF to your counter. You can also check each log corresponding to your FTF manually in the 'GeoFinder' section.
STF means Second To Find
You were not the faster to find a new cache and someone found it just before you.
Unfortunately, you are not the FTF. But don't be sad, you are the STF and it is a good performance ! Like for the FTF, you can set a 'tag' in your Geocache Companion preferences and you can check your STF manually in the 'GeoFinder' section. It will increase your counter and, in case of equality, this counter can give you the advantage in the top list.
FTR for First To Resolve
It is a new counter in Geocache Companion. The goal is to let you count how many time you were the first to resolve a mystery cache (even if you were not able to go to the geocache place to find it).
How to log your FTR ?
Just add a Write Note on the mystery cache to say that you just have resolved the mystery. Be sure you have found the right solution before saying you resolved it ! (The most of time, the hiders of mystery caches add a checker on the mystery description to validate your answer)
Like for the FTF and the STF, you can define a 'tag' to make Geocache Companion able to automatically find them or you can check your FTR manually.